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Best Cars for Students Under $2,000

Living that student life is hard. Everyday you wake up go to class, and you have to eat ramen to save for tuition. But you need a car! How about one for $2,000? Something that doesn’t…

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$5,000 Luxury Cars For Students

Man, when you wake up late for class, you need a car as fast as lightning so you won’t be late, as comfy your bed, and it doesn’t hurt if it’s cooler than your mom’s…

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The BEST First Cars For Students Under $3,000

I get it, you have a budget of $3,000 and you want an ideal car! And no, this isn’t a list of clunkers like your buddies 20-year-old Audi that’s best friends with a tow truck….

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The CHEAPEST Cars To Insure in 2021

There’s no worse feeling than buying a new car that fits in your budget, only to find out that the insurance premiums on your new ride are going to leave your wallet with nothing but dust…

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First Cars For Students Under $5,000

You want something that has good performance, that’s safe so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to insure, and reliable enough so you’re not late picking up your date for prom. I get…