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The Cost of EVERY Car in Fast Five

You know a movie’s about to be good when the very first scene is Vin Diesel getting broken out of a prison bus, and Fast Five definitely didn’t disappoint. In fact, a lot of people actually consider…

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You Can LEGALLY Import These Awesome Cars in 2021!

Very few things get better with age, wine, fine leather, certain types of cheeses, if you’re into that, but cars don’t usually make that list. Parts wear out, things break, electronics die. But if kept…

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Is THIS the New Nissan Skyline GT-R?

Nissan’s teasing the long overdue next generation Godzilla, the R36 GT-R, and it is one hell of a tease!  The R35 GT-R has been withering away on the market for 11 years. And while it’s…

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The R32 GT-R is the JDM Icon to Buy NOW

Gran. Turismo. Racing. No, I’m not talking about the video game, I’m talking about the three words synonymous with performance, passion, and a good price. Earning a spot in fantasy car lists and garages worldwide over…

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Paul Walker’s Supra Sold For $185,000, Here’s Why

$185,000. That’s what the Mark IV Supra from the first Fast and Furious sold for. A car that started at around $40,000 MSRP in 1993 is now worth over 4 times that! And now, some…