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Luxury Cars That Have Depreciated Like a Stock Market CRASH

We’ve all drooled over that new 2020 six-figure car that we can’t afford. I get it, it’s fun to dream, right? But, thanks to depreciation, some of those dreams can be a reality today! Whether it’s a Porsche,…

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$10,000 Cars That Make You Look RICH

I got a question for y’all? What kind of person doesn’t want to be rich? To have all the money to do what you want, when you want. The definition of freedom! Seems pretty fun right? But…

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8 CHEAP Luxury Cars That Look Expensive

Did you tell your girlfriend’s parents you’re a real estate mogul when you really work at a Denny’s? And now you’re in over your head because they’ve asked you to dinner, and your pre-2000’s beater just…