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The Cost of EVERY Car in Fast Five

You know a movie’s about to be good when the very first scene is Vin Diesel getting broken out of a prison bus, and Fast Five definitely didn’t disappoint. In fact, a lot of people actually consider…

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The FASTEST Cars in The Fast And the Furious Franchise

Are you kidding me? Those crazy gearheads who made the The Fast and the Furious movies drove a $3.4 million car out the window of a skyscraper? Well, strap in, because there were a whole…

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Paul Walker’s $1.37 Million R34

Two words: Bayside. Blue. I love R34s! And I’m not alone. Skylines are becoming more and more popular here in the States. I know I want one, don’t you? Well, good news, Ideal fam, today you can…